Saturday, 26 May 2018



True power, which comes from self-empowerment, is generous, gracious, constructive, and creative.

It is related to self-love - the capacity to love oneself.

Such a person does not try to dominate others, nor does he retaliate, or use power destructively.

These things are essentially the result of deep fears and insecurities - the person must prove to others that he is strong and powerful precisely because he doubts in himself that he is and fears being dominated or hurt.

In effect he fears his own vulnerability.

But an open heart is always vulnerable.
We cannot open ourselves to others without exposing our vulnerability.

This requires trust.
If we close our hearts and protect ourselves with ramparts and towers we can never be close to another, whether we are married or not.

Trust is an essential component of faith.

God is trustworthy.

If we open our hearts to God He will return our love.

In this way God heals our broken hearts.

Our experiences in the world cause us to defend our vulnerable selves.
But by doing so we shut ourselves in a prison of our own making.

Love can set us free.

If we overcome our fears and open ourselves to God and to others our love is liberated and we are free to love.

This is true power.

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Friday, 25 May 2018


I can truly say that I am saved.

Saved from what?

Saved from the earthly enemies of God.

Saved from the darkness and cruelty of Satanism in our world.

Saved from the lies and distractions placed in our way by rock stars and celebrities.

Saved from Phariseism in God's Churches.

Saved from the brutality of our corporate masters.

For God is reliable and trustworthy.

Our God is a God of Love.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018



When we first become aware of God's work in the world we assume that helping the poor and needy is an obligation - good works enforced by rewards and punishments.

Fear grips us.
We fear that God expects this of us.
Or else.

So we banish pleasure and act against our will.

This generates resentment and anger.

But fear is no motivation.

The gift of Salvation, however, is free.
There is no obligation.

What happens is that God touches our hearts.

It is our tears that open our hearts to others.

Secure in the Love of God we lose our fear.

And act out of love.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


In this solitude.

May I be

a father-figure

to all those

young bodybuilders.

Let me be

a Lamp

to them.

That they may


the evil

that surrounds them.

And turn to


And be Saved!

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Monday, 21 May 2018



Ancient philosophical models still persist in our unconscious.

Noble reason's control of bodily passions - as symbolized by the five-pointed star - hark back to the stoics and ascetics of the ancient world.

Linear (vertical) models like animals to humans to angels to God require the subjugation of the physical.

St. Paul's dichotomy of body and spirit as death and life is destructive of healthy human sexuality.

The only answer is integration.

We should not be cut of at the neck or even at the waist.

A healthy harmony of body, mind, and spirit mediated by a loving heart is what we should aspire to.

Contrary to popular opinion the soul, or divine spark, is not in our minds it is in our hearts.

And the heart is the center of our being.


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Sunday, 20 May 2018

No Claim.


"And the devil claimed his soul."

Thus ends the story of Faust.

But there is no devil in reality, and no hell.

So he cannot claim you.

He cannot claim gay people.

He cannot claim anyone.

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